Potion Gone Wrong

Introduction: Potion Gone Wrong

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HEY GUYS! So today I bring you a Potion Gone Wrong! This is when a ugly green old witch wants to be pretty so she makes a potion to try and be pretty and young again and it does not work! So she ends up with bloody gross chunks of pretty skin mixed with her ugly old green skin. Haha. My friend worked with me on this one and did an scientist who's experiment exploded in his face! Haha. If you like what you see please help support me by going to youtube.com/msmaomaoz and subscribing! Feel free to give me ideas. =)

Step 1: Base

First I took a yellow green body paint from Mehron to cover my face, neck and chest.

Step 2: Rainbows!

I wanted to show the eyeshadow pallets I will be using for MOST of the tutorial, I did use a few others but these are what I mostly used. It's the NYX ultimate eyeshadow pellet and the urban decay full spectrum pellet.

Step 3: Eyes

I used the dark green eyeshadow from the NYX pallet on the lid, then I took a lighter green from the same pallet and blended it into that dark green and up to the brow.

Step 4: Contour

I took the same dark green I used on my lid and contoured my cheeks, forehead, and chin.

Step 5: Nose

I used that same green to contour the nose, and as I'm sure you can see I didn't do a normal. I added a bump in the middle and a point at the end. I used the dark green then a darker green then dipped into a little black from urban decay. I even outlined my nostrils and made them a little bigger.

Step 6: Wrinkles

I used that dark green to add wrinkles all over the face. How I did this was make crazy faces to make my natural wrinkles show up and I just filled them in. Easy. Haha.

Step 7: CHIN

I wanted a pointy chin so I used that dark green shadow again (I used that color A LOT) to go around my chin. I also used it on my lids to make them all wrinkly

Step 8: More Wrinkles

I added more wrinkles wherever I felt I need them.

Step 9: Highlight

I took white body paint and lightly highlighted all over the face with it.

Step 10: Moles

I added a mole to my nose and chin. I started with white body paint, then outlined it with black body paint. I then took green body paint and tapped it on top.

Step 11: Age Spots

I used that green body paint to make age spots all over the face.

Step 12: Contour Again

I used that green eye shadow again to contour around the chest.

Step 13: More Age Spots

Then I used that green body paint to make more age spots. and also filled in my brow with black body paint

Step 14: Old Witch!

So i'm done with that step. She's not as ugly as I thought she would be but it works for me! XD

Step 15: Wipe It Off

I used a makeup wipe to wipe off where I was going to add the 'pretty' skin.

Step 16: Cover

I took this think concealer and added it to the skin. You can also use a heavy foundation if you have one. I didn't so I used the concealer.

Step 17: Shadow

I used the brown from that concealer pallet to start the shadow. then used a brown shadow to deepen it. After that I took a little bit of black to deepen it even more. I then used a red shadow to add some irritation..

Step 18: Lips

I used NYX liquid lip in Vintage to fill in half my lips

Step 19: Pretty Eye

I patted urban from urban decays electric pallet on my lid then used a dark purple from the NYX pallet to blend in my crease. I then Patted a silver from my urban decay on the center then winged some eyeliner on top then put on mascara.

Step 20: BLOOD

I used vampire blood to add.. uh well blood. haha

Step 21: THAT IS IT

and you are done! XD such a silly idea. I know.

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