Power Bank From Laptop Battery

Introduction: Power Bank From Laptop Battery

Hello everyone

i was walking around while i saw the guy in computer repair shop throwing away laptop batteries in his trash

i asked him

he said he don't need them anymore so i took them home with me and started to think

How to make something useful out of this batteries

actually each battery have about 3 ~ 6 cells 3.7v Li-ion

this is real treasure but no one knows

so in this instructable we should know how to recycle old damaged laptop batteries.

Step 1: The Laptop Battery

Be careful !! li-ion is dangrous don't short cells ot throw them into fire.

when i say damaged laptop battery i don't mean it's exploded or burned

damaged laptop battery is a battery that unable to recharge or laptop can't feel it anymore or even laptop said replace battery

when we see dead laptop battery there's 3 cases

case 1

the battery board is damaged and can't provide power for turn on the laptop

case 2

there is 1 or more cells not working properly so the whole battery is damaged and can't be use to power any laptop

case 3

the connection between cells maybe cut and circuit is not closed any more

So ...

the first thing is tearing down that battery to salvage cells from inside

then measure each cell it should be higher than 3v

try to charge each cell and monitor it until it reach 4.2v with special li-ion charger

then try discharge and see if it can last long time.

in next step we are ready with some cells

if you can't find laptop battery you can always find cells in electronics stores or online

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Step 2: Making the Power Bank

Follow the instructions in this video to know how to make your own power bank

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    5 years ago

    How many time need to charge batteries..??..24h,i think.... :)


    Reply 5 years ago

    With the right charger that has an adjustable charge rate, you should be able to charge them in 1 hour at 1C. C is a measure of charge rate, depending on the capacity. A 3000mah battery would need 3 amps to charge at 1C. I use an RC charger from hobby king: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-accucel-6-80w-...

    Old or over discharged batteries may need to be charge at as low as 0.1C to recover them


    Reply 5 years ago

    with that charger (electronic circuit from a old powerbank) you must need two hours for charge one battery at 1800 mAh........

    connected in parallel,4 battery(new) need 8 hours....old batteries need above...the electronic circuit of powerbank give max 4.1/4.2 volt and 800 mAh around....and is not variable for battery LiPo......