Introduction: Power Booster Circuit 48W to ~600W

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This instructable is for understanding and making a power booster circuit in which (unlike a voltage step-up circuit where voltage is boosted at the cost of current and a current step-up circuit where current is boosted at the cost of voltage) both voltage and current are stepped up at the same time at the cost of "time of operation (u will understand this after watching the video)".

Step 1: Inverter Circuit

You can make a simple CFL inverter circuit or you can buy an inverter 10W to 50W.They are really cheap.The good thing about CFL inverters is they accept I/P voltage from 3V to 15V unlike other controlled inverters which accept only 11V to 14.8V.

Please study the full circuit diagram :)

Step 2: Bridge Rectifier

You can use any AC to DC bridge rectifier.This rectifier will be connected to the O/P terminal of the inverter so that the O/P of the inverter becomes stepped-up DC.

Step 3: Capacitor Bank

You will need a capacitor bank.I used three 250V 10,000uF capacitors connected in parallel and this entire set is connected to the O/P of the rectifier.

You can increase the number of capacitors or you can also use a single 250V 10000uF capacitor but then the Pmax will be available for a shorter period of time.It is better to have higher capacitance for longer power operation span.

Step 4: Sockets

The socket will be connected to the TERMINALs of any capacitor since all are connected in parallel.The load will be connected to this socket.

Step 5: Load

The appliances that can be connected to the O/P socket have to be DC or universal (both AC or DC operatable).Don't connect AC fans or other AC operating devices to the socket.The circuit will damage it.You can use most hard-ware tools since they usually work on universal motors.

Step 6: DC Source

You can use any DC source from 3V to 12V.Lead acid battery or lithium ion battery.It will work. :)

After connecting the DC source, just connect the appliance to the socket and start using it.

Your booster circuit has successfully completed. :) :)