Introduction: Power Brake Bleeder From a Garden Sprayer

I love working on old cars but some of the tools are too expensive for what they are made of….

I saw a few articles on how to make pressure bleeders from garden sprayers. The commercial bleeders sell for $50 to $200+ but the sprayer is only $12. Everybody keeps the pump but I’d rather use shop air..

A few simple 3D printed parts and I have a nice pressure tank. This same adapter can be used to make a shop air powered garden sprayer too. If thats your plan buy the big 4 Gal tank model not the 1 Gal model I got. It's only $6 more.

Step 1: Making a New Insert for the Pump Housing.

First thing is to remove the pump break it down and clean up all the grease left behind.

Then measure all the pieces…. model and print the new top

It fits good… and the caps clears!

Now to model a new piston sized plug.

Step 2: Pressure Testing It

I used the old O-ring and a piece of 1/8 steel tubing to pressure test it.

I also cut the dip tube short. No need to blow bubbles in the fluid and if the regulator leaks you wont get fluid in it…

I used a fixed regulator to keep the pressure under 5psi. Any more and the safety valve does its job. This one happened to be an old oxygen regulator I had in the garage.

Next part it getting some master cylinder caps from the junk yard to make the unit complete. I could get replacement caps from the auto store but thats too much money. if I wasn't so cheap these projects would go quicker.……

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