Introduction: Power Lifter

Power lifter is a toilet seat which can brings benefit to some

elderlies who can’t bend to much when they need to use the loo.

In this project, we built a power lifter that may help people who have difficulty bending down to have an easier way to seat on the toilet seat. The power lifter will descend when there is pressure on it and it will bring the person down without any problem.

In this instructable, I will go over the construction and how to use it.



. 2mm metal plate

· 2 set 15kg gas strut

· 1/8” screw

· 2 piece pvc pipe clamp

· 1 toilet seat

. Butterfly hinge

Step 1: Tools

. Shearing machine

. Bending

. Plasma cutting machine

. GMAW welding machine

. Hand drill

. Pneumatic rivet gun

. 1/8" drill bit

. 4mm drill bit

. 1/8" blind rivet

. 1/8" self taping screw

Step 2: Step 1

In order to make the bracket we have to use the shearing and bending machine. We have to shear the big metal plate to make it to our desired size to make the bracket. After that we have to use the bending machine to bend the cut metal sheet to make it into our bracket. After shearing and bending process.

Step 3: Step 2

We then install the 15kg gas strut. Where we weld the gas strut bracket onto the U-frame to attach the toilet seat to the frame. And the gas strut will be compressed when there is weight on it. it will fit the toilet seat easily and it will make the person using the product feels the same as using the normal toilet seat. the toilet seat will be back to the normal position when there is no weight compressing it.