Preserve Quality Paintbushes Forever. Drip-dry. Built-in Handle. Easy Clean-up.




Introduction: Preserve Quality Paintbushes Forever. Drip-dry. Built-in Handle. Easy Clean-up.

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Clean, dry and keep quality paintbrushes for a life-time.
Soak and rinse a paintbrush with no mess.
Drip-dry paintbrush vertically with a small rubber clamp attached to the paintbrush handle.
Made from an empty gallon milk container.
Can also use empty detergent containers for handheld paint container.

Step 1: You Need:

Plastic gallon milk container
Scissors or a box cutter
Small rubber clamp

Step 2: Mark Outline on Container for Cutting

1. Draw a line down the mouth of the container to neck of the container (at the top-point of the outline shape).
2. Draw outline shape above (similar to shape of a house)

Step 3: Cut Outline on Container

Cut outline.

Step 4: Cut Slit in Mouth of Container

Cut a line in the mouth of countainer down to the point of the outline shape.

Step 5: Clean Paintbrushes Sized Up to 4 Inches

Clean paintbrush sized up to 4 inches.

Step 6: Soak, Clean and Rinse Paintbrush

Fill the container with enough clean water to cover the dirty bristles.
Soak, clean and rinse dirty paintbrush.

Step 7: Easy-dry Paintbrush

Raise paintbrush and use rubber clamp to vertically hold the handle above the mouth of the container.
Vertical drip-dry is the best method to preserve life of paintbrush bristles.

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    14 years ago on Introduction

    could this be applied to artists paintbrushes?


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    Yes. The application works for smaller artists paintbrushes also. Replace the gallon jug with a smaller container (soft drink can, etc) No need to cut small containers because artists paintbrushes are small enough to place through the container opening into the clean water. Replace the clamp with a clothespin to elevate and hold small paintbrush.


    14 years ago on Introduction

    Real slick. Now I just need to find a stoer that sells empty