Introduction: Pretty Little Peacock

My six year old daughter designed this costume and created it with the help of mom and Grandma.  It was our first attempt at a homemade Halloween costume and was totally worth it.  It was actually pretty easy to make and  my daughter was able to help with most of it.  She is sure enjoying all of the attention she is getting wearing it to pre-Halloween festivities! She definitely steals the show wherever she wears it.
To make this costume:
-Real peacock feathers were a must!  We got real peacock feathers from a family who raises their own peacocks-no birds were harmed, these feathers were naturally shed :)  We took a piece of poster board and folded in like  a fan.  We hot glued the feathers into the creases of the poster board.  then traced the outline and added a flat piece of poster board on each side for stability and to keep any feathers from popping loose.  We painted the outer part of the poster board with a peacock blue glitter paint to blend.  We cut 2 slits the width of the belt and wove the belt through the fan of feathers to hold it up.  This also makes it easy to put on or remove the feathers for things like riding in the car. 
-We used a blue satin fabric, with tulle inside to give make it extra full, and some shiny color changing Halloween fabric to create the tutu.  We cut brown, blue, and turquoise to look like the eyes of the feather and attached them with brown ribbon. 
-We used several pieces of blue, brown, gold, green, and turquoise tulle and the leftover Halloween fabric to create a fluffy tail.  They are all just tucked through the loop that was created by weaving the belt through the 2 slits in the fan of feathers.  We added some eyes using some cute brown, blue, and turquoise felt and brown ribbon.  They are just all attached with a safety pin.  I love the fluffiness the tail adds.  I think it just gives it the extra cuteness it needed.   :)
-We found an inexpensive mask with brown and purple feathers at a dollar store.  My daughter glued on some sequins, blue feathers from an old feather boa, and we attached a few peacoack feathers to complete the mask.

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