Introduction: Prima Class Charm Bag

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Here is a simple way to do cute Alviero Martini's Prima Classe charm bag.

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Step 1: Prima Class Bag Charm

You'll need:

  • Polymer clay
  • Prima Classe printed sheet (I've used lader printed sheet)
  • Blade and/or scalpel
  • Oven
  • Pasta machine (optional)
  • White glue

Step 2: Colours

If you have some old clay in a color you don't like, or remnants, you can use them here: they will be hidden. Make a parallelepipedon shape with this color. Take or make two shapes of beige.

Step 3: Base

With the lighter beige, cover the upper side of the parallelepipedon shape.

Step 4: Sheet

Cut the printed sheet so that's as big as the greater side of the parallelepipedon. Glue it with little of white glue. You can find Prima Classe image just using Google Images. I've done this with laser printed sheet. Of course you can do it with any other pattern.

Step 5: Beige

Flatten the darker beige.

Step 6: Band

Put a band of beige around the parallelepipedon, leaving out the upper part.

Step 7: Handles

To make the handles, make two little cylinders, flat the ends and glue them to the sheet with a little white glue.

Step 8: Zipper

With the scalpel, carve the zipper.

Step 9: Cursor

Put a ring that will make the cursor of the zipper and will be used as charm ring.

Step 10: Cook

Cook it as the instructions of the clay says. Don't worry about the sheet. Paper ignite at 233°C (= 451°F, of course!), so if you cook the clay at 100°C/110°C you'll be safe.

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