Project Elapse, a Knex Ball Machine

Introduction: Project Elapse, a Knex Ball Machine

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Hey guys! This is my crazy ball machine Project Elapse! This is my first ball machine Instructables that is built all in one Instructable! The other one had seperate Instructable! The links are below:

Good luck!

Step 1: Down-slide

This first element requires:
Yellow: 36
Grey: 8
Orange flexi: 2
Blue: 8
Green: 16
Blue flexi ( white sized ): 2
Red: 8

Red: 2
Orange: 16
Yellow: 28
Green: 6
Grey 3D: 32
Short blue (shorter that the purple): 13

Blue spacers: 16
Silver spacers: 26

Step 2: Lift

Pls. Note: I didn't have the time to count the pieces on the lift. If anyone can pls count the pieses on this ( rods, connectors, others ), that would be great! Comment the pieses so then I can update! Also this has been tested and it works!

Step 3: Finished!

Notes on the machine:

- Project Elapse took exactly 2 weeks to do ( December 6-20)
- You will have to manualy load it up because it might not make it to the pickup part
- If the lift loader (on the chain) breaks off, reattatch it.

Hope you enjoyed! Comment if you have questions or comments on this project! Until next time folks!

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