Introduction: Project Shelf

I am always tinkering with junk and find my projects are always getting lost or buried on my work desk.

So I decided I need a shelf and drawer system that I could put all different projects parts into. But I like to recycle things so to keep things that seem useless use full.

I had an old sun Umbrella that got damages in the wind, some Masonite board from a Halloween project, and an old dresser I had since I was 5,that was broken down to just boards, and some 1/2 x 1/2 short right angle sections. and some wheels. The picture shows the drawers in progress and all the stuff I've put on it until I can get it organized. It Holds a lot!


I disassembled the umbrella which gave me plenty of 3/4 by 1/2 inch aluminum tubes.
Kept 4 for supports and cut the rest into 12 inch sections.

Cut the Masonite into 12 x 14 inch rectangles. Knotched the corners to fit the sides rails.

Cut the angle stock into 14 inch sections.

Made 4 right angle supports to attach the frame to the base,

Cut a 15 by 14 inch base out of the dresser top. and attached wheels.

1/2 and 3/4 self tapping metal screw

Step 1: Build the Sides

  1. I took two of the long aluminum stock and made 6 shelves about 6 inches apart. made two of them.
  2. I took the 14 inch angle stock and put one facing up to give the back a lip and one facing down to support the Masonite in the front.
  3. Used the thin angle stock to attach the bottom of the legs to the base board.
  4. Attached the wheels.
  5. Built a drawer out of the old dresser parts. 3 from the bottom.

Step 2:

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