Introduction: Prop Celtic Cross Grave Stone

Gather your supplies and make an area large enough to work in.

Things will get messy so cover the area with drop cloth.


Card Board, Wood Glue or Gorilla Glue, Plaster, Textured Rock Spray Paint

Step 1: Design Your Cross

I designed the cross using Adobe Illustrator.

Step 2: Cut Out Cross Pattern

Cut out the pattern.

I had access to a laser so thats what used to cut the layers.

If you dont have a laser then use a bigger exacto knife or box cutter.

Step 3: Stack & Glue

Stack and glue the card board cut outs.

Step 4: Plaster the Cross

Plaster the cardboard form.

Plaster should be mixed according to directions.

I used my hands to put the plaster on the cross, then used a straight edge to sculpt final form.

Step 5: Paint With Texture Spay Paint

Evenly coat the cross with stone spray paint.

Multiple Coats are needed with 15 min wait time between coats.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Cross

This celtic cross was a prop for a movie. It needed to be light weight and easily moveable.