Protect and Organize Your Lightning/USB Cables




Introduction: Protect and Organize Your Lightning/USB Cables

Lighting cables break so easy from being bent at the ends and getting pinched, putting heat shrink over the ends helps but they still get pinched in the middle and get tangled but by putting a small magnet in the heat shrink with the cable you can protect it and securely attach it to other magnets, this instructible shows how to just that!

Step 1: Materials

Your going to need:

a lighting cable (or any cable really)

Heat shrink (I'd Recommend a verity pack from eBay because its cheap, has the perfect size for lightning cables, and comes with a bunch of other sizes if you want to do other cables and wires )

2 neodymium magnets ( one big for the base and one small for the cable )

A heat Gun, soldering iron, hair dryer, or lighter (to shrink the heat shrink )

Super glue, or double sided sticky tape ( to attach the big magnet to where you want the cable to stay)

Links to materials are at the end

Step 2: Putting It Together

Carefully slide 2 lengths ( 2" works good) of heat shrink over the small end of the cable (if you got the heat shrink pack I did your going to need to pull with pliers on one side and carefully push on the other side of the heat shrink)

Once you have that done put the small magnet into the end of the heat shrink and use the big magnet to position it nice and flat with the plug of the cable

Then heat the heat shrink evenly being careful not to melt the wire

After glue or tape your big magnet into place and your done!

It really help to protect and organize cables

Step 3: Links to Materials

The heat shrink

The big magnet

The small magnet

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    Count Volta
    Count Volta

    2 years ago

    I'm glad to say that I have no lightning cables....A bit too high voltage for me.

    The Science Brony
    The Science Brony

    5 years ago

    Very creative idea, but the neodymium magnets are a bit expensive. Try using hooks or something


    5 years ago

    Cool way to keep the cord in good shape longer!