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COVID 19 locked us in our homes with nothing much to do. While I was thinking to pick up with my hobbies, which during "Hostel Time" is difficult to pursue, I saw this contest and desired to to make this Duck. This as a bonus will also be used as decorative of my house.

So Let's start..


I used:

1) Golden craft wires 0.5 mm diameter

2) A Clear Tape roll, A Toilet paper roll and A Straw (any material of same diameter will work)

3) Super Glue/Fabric Glue

4) Craft stocking Red and Yellow

5) Cotton

6) Scissors

7) Thread

8) Cotton

9) A Pair of Googly eyes

Step 1: Making Feathers..

1) Take straw and roll the wire along its length. This is to give it spiral/zig-zag pattern. Do not roll it too closely.

2) Remove the straw and now roll this zig-zg wire along the circumference of a clear tape roll, to make a loop.

3) Close the loop. Make 10 to 15 such loops of different sizes.

4) Now. take stockings and put it over a wire loop as we wear socks. Close the loop by tying it with thread.

Step 2: Make Body of Duck.

1) Draw an outline of duck.

2) Bend the wire along the outline so that the wire bends in into shape of a duck.

3) Use cotton to cover the wires and give it a puffed-up look.

4) Pull-up a stockings over the duck and close the end with thread.

Step 3: Joining Body With Feathers.

1) Using super glue/Fabric glue attach the feathers, starting from the tail. Make sure to put contrast while sticking feathers.

Step 4: Beak and Eyes.

1) Roll the wire along the circumference of a toilet paper roll.

2) Remove the roll and close the wire loop.

3) Pull-up a yellow stocking over this loop and tie the end using thread.

4) Flatten this loop and roll it as make it like cylinder. Press the cylinder to give it beak shape.

5) Glue it to the duck's body.

6) Stick the googly eyes.

Step 5: The Psyduck

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