Pumpkin-Bones and Sweet Potato-Tombstones

Introduction: Pumpkin-Bones and Sweet Potato-Tombstones

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Stir-fry Vegetables with Pumpkin-Bones and Sweet Potato-Tombstones in Curkuma-Coconut-Sauce on Salmon

(Pfannengemüse mit Kürbis-Knochen und Süßkartoffeln-Grabsteinen in Kurkuma-Cocos-Soße an Wildlachs)

Step 1: ​Ingredients *)

  • Hokkaido
  • Butternut (Birnenkürbis)
  • Zucchini
  • Sweet pepper (Paprika)
  • Spring onions (Frühlingszwiebeln)
  • Purple Haze carrot (Purple Haze Möhre)
  • Sweet potato (Süßkartoffel)
  • Milk (Milch)
  • Coconut flavor (Cocos Sirup)
  • Olive oil (Olivenöl)
  • Pepper (Pfeffer)
  • Curcuma (Kurkuma)
  • Seasalt (Meersalz)
  • Dill
  • Coriander (Koriander)
  • Thyme (Thymian)
  • Salmon (Lachs)

*) All ingredients are based on my gusto and tolerability. Exchange or drop ingredients if you don't like or tolerate. You can also add as much vegetables as you like or replace the salmon to whatever you prefer.

Step 2: ​The Pumpkin and Sweet Potato

Give the vegetables and pumpkins a wash, cut the pumkins in half and remove the inside.

Chop the vegetables and slice the sweet potato.

Coat the pumpkins and sweet potato with olive oil. Add pepper and thyme to the pumpkins and coriander to the sweet potato. That's gonna go straight into the preheated oven (190 degrees celsius; air circulating; 20 - 25 minutes).

Step 3: ​The Vegetables

Meanwhile heat up a pan (or wok) with olive oil (avoid high temperature or the olive oil could burn) and add the vegetables in order of cooking time. I started with the carrots, followed by sweet pepper , zucchini and spring onions. Stir and toss the food occasionally.

Mix the coconut flavour and the milk; pour in the mixed milk. Spice up the sauce with the spices I've suggested (curcuma, seasalt, pepper, dill, coriander, thyme) or according to your taste; let it simmer on low temperature.

Step 4: ​The Salmon

Heat up a secound pan with olive oil and add the salmon spiced with pepper.

Step 5: ​The 3D Printing Part

I've 3D printed two cookie cutters in shapes of a bone and a tombstone to cut out the pumpkins (after removing the skin) and sweet potato .

(I know that my PLA filament isn't food safe. I took the minor risk of poisoning myself ;-). No one else will eat that meal.)

Step 6: ​The Display

Decorate the table and arrange the vegetables, pumpkin and salmon on a plate.

Enjoy your meal! Guten Appetit!

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