Pumpkin Carving!!!




Introduction: Pumpkin Carving!!!

So a lot if people are already rushing into the holidays, just because Halloweens over. Those people should enjoy fall while it lasts! So here's a Lillie treat you can still create for thanksgiving. Enjoy! ;)

Step 1: First Step

Go ahead and gather up a sharp knife tool, a spoon or scraping tool, and a pointy tool

Step 2: Next Step!

Go ahead and with a pen, draw a wide-ish line aroung the stem and hash away around it with your sharp tool. Once you've cut all the way, lift out the top and scrape the seeds and guts out into a bowl with your scraper.

Step 3: Step 3, Y'all!

Choose a template to print off, wet it, and press it onto the side of the pumkin. Choose your pointy tools and poke every spaced littler it's around the lines on the template. Once you've done that, choose your sharp tool and carefully cut out around the dotted lines, to form your face. Clean up the edges on the out an inside.

Step 4: Almost Done!

Choose a small candle like so or a small light and put it on the inside of the pumkin put your lid on light it, and at night take it out to the porch steps or a window for all to admire.

Step 5: Done!

Look at your gorgeous pumkin! Hope yours turned out. Thanks for looking;)

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    9 years ago

    Thank you! :)


    9 years ago

    Yes this is a fine instructable (or ible)! You have started off well, with good pictures and a good writeup! Keep it up and welcome to Instructables!


    9 years ago

    Is this an ok instructable? I'm worried its my first