Pumpkin Love-O-Lantern

Introduction: Pumpkin Love-O-Lantern

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Halloween is a spooky festival. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather be loved than spooked! For those of you who don’t fancy the spookiness of Jack-O-Lanterns, here is a great alternative for your Halloween decorations!

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Step 1: Materials


1. Old Newspapers
2. Pumpkin
3. Screwdriver
4. Spoon
5. Fruit Knife
6. Marker Pen
7. Paint Brush
8. Acrylic Paints
9. Candle

Step 2: Cut a Hole

Cut and remove a circle on the underside of the pumpkin.
You can use a marker to mark out the circle to guide your knife.

Step 3: Empty Flesh & Seeds

Remove the seeds and flesh of the pumpkin.
We only need a clean shell.

Step 4: Draw

Draw “LOVE” (or anything you like) onto the pumpkin shell with a maker pen.

Step 5: Carve Letters

Use a sharp fruit knife to carve the letters.

Step 6: Poke Holes

Mark a few holes on the top of the pumpkin with a maker pen.
Use a screwdriver or any sharp rod to poke holes through the markings.

Step 7: Paint

Colour pumpkin shell with acrylic paint.

Step 8: Light It Up!

Place a lighted candle on any flat level surface
(make sure candle is not too tall as it might burn the top wall of the pumpkin).

Cover the candle with the pumpkin, and you have your very own Halloween Love-O-Lantern!

Visit www.yokebakery.com for more DIY crafts!

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