"Pumpkin" Oil Candle

Introduction: "Pumpkin" Oil Candle

I decided to make a mini jack-o'-lantern as a candle. I then realized I was too lazy to buy said mini-pumpkins, so I made a cheap 1- Minute candle that could possibly (if you can actually carve a pumpkin well) look like the originally intended result.

The materials you need for this instructable are:

1. An orange (Yes, I know...)

2. A paring knife

3. Skill at carving pumpkins (I forgot this material)

4. 3 tbsp Olive Oil

5. A lighter or match

Step 1: Get an Orange

If your anything like me, this is the hardest step. It rolls away, it bounces, it ruins your life. Anyways..

....on to the next step!

Step 2: Cut Orange

Take your paring knife (I didn't have a REAL one), and cut ONLY the pell of the orange. Cut in a line all the way through the circumstance. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT CUT PAST THE PEEL. YOU WILL FEEL TERRIBLE ABOUT YOURSELF. UNLESS IT IS NOT A BIG DEAL. THEN YOU WONT CARE. NEXT STEP PLEASE...

(Sorry for yelling)

Step 3: Put Your Finger in It

Take the orange and gently run your finger between the peel and the orange, making sure not to tear it. Keep both sides of the orange, as you will be using the other side later. After you have ran you finger between them, gently pull. They should come apart with a little stem. DO NOT PEEL THIS OFF. IT IS YOUR WICK. (Again, sorry for yelling )

Step 4: Oily Oiled Oil

Pour your oil onto the wick. Let this soak while you do the rest.

Step 5: Cut Your Jack-o'-lantern

This is the part that sucks. I am sorry for the extremely low quality of my carving. You use the other half of the orange peel to make a "lid" that goes on top of the candle section. Carve the top just like a pumpkin.

Step 6: Light It Up

Light it up, and your done!

I really hope you enjoyed, and please remember to vote me for the contest!

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    6 years ago

    Cute little candle, this would be a fun table decoration :)

    Julian Dean
    Julian Dean

    Reply 6 years ago

    Thanks, I made it as a joke though. I was trying to send it to the Pumpkin F carving contest, but for obvious reasons, it wasn't allowed.