Introduction: Pumpkin Pillow (No Sew!)

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Halloween season is quickly approaching - and who doesn't love a good pillow? Today I am gonna show you how to make a super cute (no sew!) Halloween pumpkin pillow.

Step 1: Let's Cut Some Fabric!

First, you're going to want to cut a pumpkin shape out of some old fabric (I used an old plain white bed sheet I picked up from goodwill for around $3!). Then, hot glue the two pieces together as you see in the photo.

Make sure to leave about 3 inches unglued, so that you are able to stick your hand inside the fabric to flip it inside out.

Step 2: Flippin Out!

After you flip the fabric inside out, your pumpkin should look like this!

Step 3: Let's Paint That Pumpkin!

Now is the fun part - painting the pumpkin! I used acrylic paint here, but feel free to use any type of paint you like (we all know how easily fabric picks up color...aka that brand new white blouse with the red wine stain on the front..I feel you girl, I feel you.)

Step 4: Happy or Scary?

Then, go ahead and use a permanent marker or more paint to draw a face on the pumpkin, its totally up to you if you wanna put off a fun and happy vibe or a scary and eerie one.

Step 5: Stuffin' the Pumpkin

Now, go ahead and fill up your pumpkin with pillow stuffing (you can get it at micheals for dirt cheap or from an old pillow your dog ripped open last week) through the hand hole that we left earlier.

Step 6: Glue Em' Up

Last but not least, break out that old hot glue gun again because we are gonna glue together that 3 inch hand hole that we had made earlier. Once this is done, you have made yourself an adorably cute and inexpensive no-sew Halloween pillow!

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