Pumpkin Pterodactyl Ghost Bird

Introduction: Pumpkin Pterodactyl Ghost Bird

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Step 1: Materials

Small pumpkin


3 branches

Long stick

Black cloth


LED candle light

Glue gun

Step 2: Preparation

Attach the branches together with wire.
Carve the small pumpkin then add a hole to attach the head to the branch.
Take the clothe and shred it with a knife.
Don't shred all the cloth.
Shred the middle.
Glue the cloth to the branches. You will need 3 clothes.
Tie the body to the long stick.
Add the candle in the head.

Step 3: Result

Turn on the candle.
Enjoy your decoration!

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    That's such a cool pumpkin build, I love whenever people take their halloween pumpkins to the next level.