Introduction: Pumpkin Troll

About: Warthog-faced buffoon.

This guy has a nice hat, but he's kind of a jerk.

Step 1: Find an Enormous Pumpkin and Scribble on It

The pumpkin in which this troll was hiding was about 2 feet tall, and weighed 48 pounds!

Step 2: Dig In

The trick with this little creature, as with many other creatures hiding in pumpkins, is to keep in mind what's in front of what: creating the illusion of depth by sloping one surface back into another. The walls of this pumpkin were almost three inches thick in some places so there was a good amount to work with, but everything becomes more fragile as the cut goes deeper.

I start by cutting a "V" shape along the pen marks, then deepen each cut as far as it will go without breaking through. If I were smart I'd buy this, but I'm currently using an assortment of cheap wood carving chisels, some clay tools, and a paring knife.

Step 3: Finish Up

The troll finally made it out from inside the pumpkin, and is currently keeping vigil on my porch. He has strict instructions to eat anyone who comes too close to the front door. We haven't received any mail since he took his post and I can't find my cat, but the added security is comforting.

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