Introduction: Pumpkin and Ghost Origami Lights

The project is instructions on how to build pumpkin and ghost origami lights. The project consists of using orange origami paper for the pumpkin and folding the paper into a pumpkin formation. Drawing a face on the pumpkin and attaching the lights will help create pumpkin origami lights. For the ghosts, a similar process will be followed. Instead of using orange origami paper, white origami paper will be used. A different set of instructions will be used to form the ghost origami lights. In order to correctly form a ghost and pumpkin out of origami paper, it is best to carefully read and follow each step.

Step 1: Supplies and Safety

  • Origami Paper (5 Orange and 5 White*)
  • 1 Set of LED String Lights (20 Lights*)
  • 1 Roll Scotch Magic™ Tape
  • 1 Black Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker
  • 1 Disposable Drinking Straw (optional)

*Depending on the number of lights, you may want to make a different amount of ghosts and pumpkins. Our string is 20 lights, so we made 5 of each and left one light in between each origami. Feel free to adjust the amount to fit your light string.

SAFETY INFORMATION: Be careful with folding to avoid paper cuts. Do not leave lights on unattended.

Step 2: Making the Pumpkin

Fold an orange origami paper (color side face down) diagonally, then unfold. Fold in half diagonally again, but the other direction, then unfold.

Step 3:

Flip the paper around and position it so that there is a big X. Then Fold the paper horizontally. Unfold the square and then flip over again so colored side is face down.

Step 4:

Push in the sides of the horizontal line and press down so that it forms a triangle with the hypotenuse on the bottom.

Step 5:

Fold the bottom left corner of the triangle up to the center. Repeat with bottom right corner. (only fold the top layer of flaps)

Step 6:

Flip the paper over and repeat step 5. It should look like a diamond now

Step 7:

Turn the paper 90 degrees so that the slit in the paper is running horizontally.

Step 8:

Fold the bottom part up and the top part down, so that two triangles meet in the center

Step 9:

Flip diamond over and repeat step 8

Step 10:

Fold the top flap of the split side into a triangle and tuck it into the pouch formed by the larger triangle

Step 11:

Repeat with step 10 with the bottom flap

Step 12:

Flip over and repeat steps 10 and 11

Step 13:

Open up so flaps are hidden. Draw a face (make sure hole is at the top)

Step 14:

Blow into the hole in the top of the pumpkin to inflate.

If you are having trouble, inserting a straw into the hole and blowing in to that may be easier.

Step 15: Assembling Ghosts

Take piece of white origami paper and lay it flat on the table

Step 16:

Fold bottom right corner up to top left corner, creating a crease across the middle between top right and bottom left corners, unfold

Step 17:

Rotate the paper so that the corners are at the top and bottom in a diamond shape, with the newly-folded crease in the middle and vertical top to bottom

Step 18:

Fold the left corner towards the middle so the point of the corner is touching the middle vertical crease, and the bottom of the new fold is vertical with the middle crease forming a 90 degree angle where the point meets the crease

Step 19:

Repeat for the right side corner to create a kite shape

Step 20:

Take the right fold corner point that was folded towards the middle crease, and fold it away from the middle towards the bottom and outside of the kite shape until it creates a horizontal line with its edge towards the bottom

Step 21:

Repeat with the left corner

Step 22:

Flip the paper over onto its back side, keeping the points of the new folds folded downwards

Step 23:

Take the triangle flaps seen on both sides of the shape, and fold them up over the main kite shape putting their crease right where the kite shape’s outer edge is

Step 24:

Now take the right side corner of the kite shape and fold it towards the center crease until it creates a 90 degree angle between the crease and the bottom edge of the fold

Step 25:

Repeat on the left side

Step 26:

Take the top corner and fold its point straight down the middle of the shape slightly to form the ghost’s head

Step 27:

Accordion fold another slight amount of the point below the new fold in the opposite direction to form the ghost’s neck

Step 28:

Flip the entire shape over again to view the front of the shape, with the head and neck of the ghost still at the top

Step 29:

Take the long bottom corner and fold its point slightly up and diagonally to the right, forming a ghost tale

Step 30:

Take the Sharpie Marker and draw two dots on the top trapezoid to form eyes, and a larger oval to form a mouth

Step 31: Attaching to the Lights

Once you have all of you pumpkin and ghosts made, it is time to attach to the lights.

For the pumpkin, simply place the light inside the top hole and use tape to secure it.

For the ghost, tape the light behind the ghosts head for a spooky glow.