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Introduction: Punisher Skull Longboard

About: I have a youtube channel and a Etsy shop I sell the things i make i also do craft shows and stuff like that. i am documenting my journey to help people do it yourself so steal my ideas and make some money!!

I was playing around with Auto CAD and inserting raster images on to my longboard design when i had a GLORIOUS idea of turning the front of the longboard into the Punisher Skull!!!!!

Step 1: Design

I used Auto CAD for my design platform I imported a punisher skull on to one of my custom board designs. I will add the pdf.

Step 2: Material and Tools Required


  • Wood of your choose I used Oak and Pine
  • 1/4 inch scrap to make template (because your going to want to make more than 1)
  • glue
  • epoxy
  • paint brush (this will be a one time use)


  • table saw
  • jigsaw
  • Planer
  • sander
  • clamps
  • clamps
  • and more clamps
  • torch
  • sharpie
  • scissors
  • drill
  • router

Step 3: Cut Out Print

Easy step cut out the print either glue it to the 1/4 scrap or use a sharpie to trace out the design.

I Cut 2 templates of the skull so I could use it later in the project! also can you have 2 many templates of skull laying around I think not

Step 4: Cut Template

Use the jig saw I used the down cut blade and WOW it works really good. Also a good time for your helper to color his favorite designs on to the template!!! the First template is of the out line of the entire board don't cut the skull out or it wont be attach to the board. use the second template to mark out the eyes and the mouth/jaw line

Step 5: Find Wood Patter and Glue

I used the cut out piece of paper to get an idea of what wood I wanted where i had short pieces for the sides and long piece for the middle. then apply glue to the wood and clamp it up.

The wood was cut into strips at 1 inch. the planer will take it down to 3/4 or so

Step 6: Planer

I use a planer but you could also spend a lot of time sanding I choose not to!!

Step 7: Cut Out the Out Line

As you see in the picture I just cut out the out line of the skull and the board.

Step 8: Route Out the Skull

I used a 1/8 inch router bit and set it around 1/4 depth and routed out the skulls eyes mouth and outline of the Skull. Also Key step Have your helper pose for Picture!!

Also always use proper PPE when using equipment!

Step 9: Flame Thrower TIME!!!

Get the torch out and burn some wood!! Don't go to crazy just enough to turn the wood black then sand of the top of the skull to only show the burnt wood in the routed out section then I put the skull template on top and burnt the top of the wood near the skull to make it POP!!

Step 10: Epoxy Coat Time!!

Time to make it shine add epoxy I used west system for the first time and fell in love with it this stuff is not cheap but worth it!!

Step 11: If You Want to Watch the Process Here Is the Videos

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