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Introduction: Purple Chinese LED Lamp

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We all love to eat the ice cream but every thine we eat an ice cream we waste the timber or the wood as we throw the sticks 
but one day i saw the importance of nature and its is getting insecure day by day so I started collecting the sticks and at the point i thought these are now enough i made the lamp which is a very simple thing to make and enjoy the making

now i would like to answer the following questions

What did you make?

I have made a a lamp which emits the purple light and which is Eco friendly as this is made with the used things that are ice cream sticks

how did you make it?
the making of the lamp is very simple you just need to follow the steps in which is the main the body of lamp we can make it by sticking the sticks in a parallel order one on the other  

where did you make it ?
i have made it at home

what did you learn?
i have learned a very important lesson that we are the only one who can take care of nature so it is our responsibility to take care of nature and we must use the things which can be used again  this could also make our minds more innovative 

Step 1: Step 1- Materials Required

1. fevicol
2. pencil
3. ice cream sticks
4. ruler
5. a purple bulb
6. a bulb holder
7. switch
8. a 2 meter wire connected to a plug

Step 2: Step 2

mark a line 1 cm on the each stick you are using

Step 3: Step 3

know we need to make this and this 
how to make you need to watch video in step 3

Step 4: Step 4 - Video

 do as directed in video
NOTE:the images shown are the images after performing the steps in video
and how to make the top is in the video

Step 5: Step 5 Making of Base

AS THE body of lamp is made now we will make the base

you just need to stick the sticks in the orders as shown in the image

Step 6: Step 6

do as directed on image

Step 7: Step 7 Connecting the Holder Wire and the Bulb

do as directed in image
and watch the video 

Step 8: Step 8

stick every thing as shown in image
i have used a pot which i have decorated but you can use any thing you like to use

Step 9: Step 9

stick the lamp on the base you have made
as shown in image

now your lamp is ready
but sorry as again my camera is not so good that is why the purple glow  is looking as blue glow 
thank you
follow me
comment it
this will inspire me for next instructables

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    Prakhar rox
    Prakhar rox

    9 years ago on Introduction

    thanx for your comment you could get it from and electric appliance store who keep it in india


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! What is also commendable here is that you are very resourceful.

    Purple looks cool :). May I ask how much you paid for the LED bulb and from where did you get it in India.
    Thanks for sharing.