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Introduction: Purple Halo Smokey Eye

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This look is a great colourful night out look. I feel that purple is a great colour and so easy to work with. Hope you like it.

Step 1:

So first I am just going in with skin toned shade and apply this all over the lids as this will gave a base for the other colours and make sure you get the best pigment from them.

Then with a light pink I blend this out into the crease and use it as a transition shade which is needed to help blend everything together. Then just taking a purple shade I apply this to either side of the eyes and then blend them out into the crease making sure it is soft and smokey. Then with a shimmery lilac colour I apply this onto the lid.

Step 2:

Then going onto the face I just go in with primer and then foundation making sure there is no lines or streaks. I also go in with concealer and apply this to the under eyes, nose, chin and chin to help highlight and get rid of dark circles. I take a beauty blender and blend this out and set with a translucent powder.

I then go in with my bronzer and contour the face by applying this to the hollows of the cheeks, jawline, hairline and nose. This going to help shape and add colour to my face. Finally with the translucent powder i apply this under the contour to help sharpen it up slightly.

Step 3:

Then back to the eyes I go in with the purple and apply this to the lower lash line to help bring this together.I then go in with my gel liner and apply it to the top lid. Then I go in with mascara and lashes.

Step 4:

Finally I just go in with my highlighter and apply this to the highest points of my cheeks nose and cupids bow just to give you that natural glow. Then with a bright bold pink lipstick I apply this to the lids.

Step 5:

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    4 years ago

    brand and style of your lashes! love the look!!