Introduction: Purple Love Crochet Tutu Dress

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Tutu dress are very elegant. This one goes as an order and I would like to share the tutorial for the same. My tutorial on crochet dress would require basic knowledge of crocheting.

This pretty dress would be so adorable for flower girls or a party. The entire dress is made of strips of tulle fabric. The tulle is cut into strips which are added to form the skirt part. There is nothing more girly than a fluffy tutu. So here I begin my journey of how I made my Purple love Tutu dress.

The dress is made out of cotton yarn and fully lined.


ch(s) – chain(s)

sc – single crochet

hdc – half double crochet

dc – double crochet

sk – skip st(s) – stitch(es)

t-ch – turning chain

Tr - Triple crochet

Step 1: Materials

Yarn - 4 ply (multi colour)

Crochet hook - 3.5 mm, 3 mm hook

Tulle roll - 6 metres

Lining Material - White

Lace - Pink






Step 2: The Neck Portion

This part I have taken it from the lavender chair. The link to the original pattern is here.

So the square neck is crocheted.

The pattern is given below. For the dress I created I had to increase the number of chains initially to meet the size I needed. The pattern below will be good for 6-9 months.

R1: ch 53, hdc in 3rd ch from hook (skipped chains count as hdc) and next 4 sts, [hdc, ch2, hdc] in next st; *hdc next 12 sts, [hdc, ch2, hdc] in next st*. Repeat from * to * 2 more times, hdc in last 6 sts. (56 hdc)

R2: Ch2, turn, dc in same st and each st to last st before ch2 space, [dc, ch2, dc] in ch2 space, *dc in each st to last st before ch2 space, [dc, ch2, dc] in ch2 space*. Repeat from * to * 2 more times, dc in each remaining st to end. (64)

R3 to R6: Repeat R2. (96 after last repeat)

Note: The number of rows and the length of chain will all depend on the size of child whom you are making for.

Step 3: Hand Portion

Now when the neck is complete the corners are connected with few chains in between. Now we are getting into the real part of the dress.

The pic would show it clearly.

R7: Ch1, turn, hdc in same st and each st to last st before ch2 space, *hdc in ch2 space, ch3, skip next 24 sts, hdc in next ch2 space*, hdc in each st to last st before ch2 space. Repeat from * to *, hdc to end. Fasten off. (58 sts – 52 hdc and 6 chains)

Step 4: The Chest Portion

Now when you have defined the hand portion we can continue to the chest portion. I am aiming for a 20 inch chest size.

So you can continue with the pattern below.

R8: ch1, hdc in each st and ch to end. (58)

R9: Ch1, turn, hdc in each st to end. (58)

Repeat R8 till the length of bodice needed.

Step 5: Lace Portion

To add the lace I love this twist I always give to the dress.

Repeat R8 with Tr across. So when you add on the lace, you can bring the lace through two TR stitch and down 2 Tr stitch.

Step 6: Tulle Loop

After you have made the bodice, make loops to fit in you tulle.

For this, turn your work and chain 3. Sl St onto the 2nd DC. Again *Ch3, Sl St onto the 2nd DC* till the end of the row.

Step 7: Cut Tutu Tulle

The entire dress is made of strips of fabric. The tulle is cut into strips which are added to form the skirt part.

Cut the tulle in lengths that you like. It’s rolled up 6 inch wide which is perfect for tutus. Then I cut the strips 30 inch long since it’ll be folded in half and become a 15 inch tutu.

Step 8: Insert Tulle

Fold a tulle strip in half, and push the hoop part through a loop made with crochet. Pull the other end of the tulle through the loop to make a easy knot, pull it tight.

Do 2 tulles per loop. This would be good to give a fluffy look for your tutu dress. I have gone for a shaded tulle. You can arrange the tulles in the loop the way you want your dress to turn out. Do the same for the entire dress.

Step 9: Embelishment

You can make any flower at this step. Decorate your tutu dress as you wish.

I have used a simple 5 petal flower.

Magic circle - 10 Sc in MC

Row 1 - Sl st, Sl St, ch 2, 3 DC

Step 10: Finish Your Dress

Now sew on the embellishments you have created. You can add on lace or flowers as you wish.

Add buttons to the button holes.

Fasten off your loose ends.

Have a good look of your dress from far. I have given a lining to my dress beneath. It is totally upto you if you need them.

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