Introduction: Purple Wall Clock

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<hello everyone!>
As a purple lover I fell in love with this clock I hope you like it as much as I did :)

PLEASE READ:I realized that some of the pictures are not self explanatory and tried to keep the instructions clear as possible.If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. ^u^

PS:this photo is NOT photoshopped I took it in the afternoon with the natural lighting.

Step 1: Materials

Plastic roses(I used 15 of them but depending on the radius you might need more)
Green wires that come with the roses
a clock mechanism
a ruler
black marker
gouache paint (blue,white,red)
NOTE:You can use acrylic paint too but keep in mind that gouache paint becomes matte and acrylic paint becomes shiny when it's dry.

Step 2: The Main Circle

Drawing the circle can be a bit tricky but it's okay just make sure that the compass doesn't expand when you're drawing.

Step 3: The Numbers

Roughly mark the places of the numbers.I just found a number template and put the paper on the computer screen and drew the numbers.

Here is the template that I used:

Then I outlined and filled it with black marker.My advice is that you draw all the numbers with your pencil first so that you can adjust them.

Step 4: Cardboard

Draw and cut the cardboard the same way as you did with the paper but the radius has to be at least 1 cm more since you are going to place roses around it.When you are done cutting glue the paper and the cardboard together.

Step 5: Clock Mechanism

Here you are going to assemble the clock.In the first photo I wanted to show you the order.

1)make a hole in the cardboard big enough for the clock.You should be able to see the top part.
2)put the little circle on top of it.
3)put the hexagon piece on top of it and turn it to secure it
4)put the hour hand on top
5)put the minute hand on top
6)lastly put the second hand on top

NOTE: I painted the second hand red didn't look good :)

If you have trouble following the steps here is a video to help you:

Step 6: Painting and Glueing the Roses

There is no right or wrong way at this step you just mix the blue and red paint.To get a purple tone blue and red has to be the same amount.To get a bit more maroon color mix red with a little bit of blue.To get the lavander color mix the purple with a lot of white.

I cut the bottom of the roses to make it easier to glue.But after cutting they became a bit loose so I wrapped the green wire around them.

Step 7: Done...

Thats pretty much it I hope it was clear and I hope you enjoyed :)