Introduction: Purple and Green Faux Hawk

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Do you want dyed hair without the commitment of dye? We sure do, but those wash out colors at the store are a bit pricey for one day!

It was time for a haircut and new style anyway, so this is our solution to indecisiveness:

A colored faux hawk, using green and purple face paint in place of dye. It turned out nicely. If the hair was shorter we could have gotten more detail, but the goal today was simply "I want it purple and green!". Next time we'll go for more detail.

Step 1: Cut Hair

Maddox wanted a "Faux Hawk". Something he could style into a Mohawk if he wanted, but the sides couldn't be too short, because he wanted to leave it down, or brush it forward sometimes as well.

I used a 1/8 guard on the electric razor and shaved just the sides.

Step 2: Gel and Color Sides

We gelled the top into a Mohawk, and painted some green and purple randomly on the sides.

We took a photo of the process and agreed that the hair was still far too long!

Using hair cutting scissors and my fingers, I cut off the top inch or so of the Mohawk.

Step 3: Color Mohawk, Get Your Swag On

With the hair on the top cut down a bit, I used more of the purple and green face paint to color the Mohawk.

The paint can be applied right over top of the hair gel.

Being face paint, the color will wash off when you shower, so you are free to use a different color tomorrow!

*** I did realize after looking at the pictures that the haircut needs to be fixed up a bit. Right now though, he's out proudly showing off his cool do, so it'll have to wait! Taking pictures is always the best way to critique your work, because you get a different perspective.***

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