Puzzle Challenge: a Simple Crossword

Introduction: Puzzle Challenge: a Simple Crossword

I puzzle you this : Can you complete this crossword? It contains a mix of modern and historic topics, through a variety of subjects from technology to sport. I challenge you to attempt the crossword without outside intervention and assistance, before trying to search for the answers. However, those of you who are wanting a more strenuous test, look closer at the crossword. You may be pleasantly surprised with what you find if you look beyond the surface.

Any queries, please direct message me.

Good luck

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Step 1: The Challenge

Here are the two segments of the question: the crossword, and the hints. The answers are on the next slide. I recommend using a separate sheet of paper to write down all of your potential ideas and results, to help you come to a more reliable conclusion for each question.

Step 2: The Answers

Here are the answers for the previous slide, good luck!

Hints: Here are the answers for the Hints:

Yellow = 86 Green = 111 Blue = 116 Red = 101

These numbers in base 2 are:

Yellow = 1010110 Green = 01101111 Blue = 01110100 Red = 01100101

In Ascii, This makes the word:


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