Qi Charger Phone Holder

Introduction: Qi Charger Phone Holder

I bought a single-coil wireless/Qi charger for my galaxy 7 edge. the USB micro ports on previous phones always seemed to be the first things to go bad - wireless charging is a good idea. but keeping the phone in just the right spot on the charger was slightly problematic. if it were accidentally nudged by me (or a cat) i'd wake up with an uncharged phone.

Now, i could have spent more for a 3-coil charging stand, where placement of the phone wasn't critical, but I'm cheap. And since i had some left-over kydex from making a knife sheath, i figured i use that. Kydex is a thermoplastic you can easily work with at home. It comes in various thicknesses, and i just use a heat gun (tho' the oven works well, too) to make it flexible.

as a further refinement (if i can use a three-syllable word for something so simple) i put some blu-tak on the back so it doesn't slide around on the nite table. you can see traces of it in the photo.

Step 1:

I just cut a strip of kydex about 2/3rds as wide as the phone, stuck it to the back of the charger (putting it on the back's important so it wouldn't increase the space between the phone and the charger) and warmed the ends of the kydex so it clipped onto the phone, making it easy to align it on my nightstand in the dark. i bought the 12" x 12" BLACK KYDEX T PLASTIC SHEET 0.028" on ebay for $4.60 delivered. note that it's IMPORTANT to determine the best placement of the phone before attaching the kydex to the charger, especially if you leave the phone in the case like i do. you can see that the "tabs" that go on the bottom and top of the phone are different.

Step 2: Finished Project

this shows the final "project" (tho' making something in 5 minutes barely qualifies). now, i just clip the phone into the holder that's blu-tacked to the nite-table, and the phone charges itself. best of all, there's no wear and tear to the charging port, which has been a source of trouble on a number of previous android phones.

blu-tack is available at amazon and elsewhere. it's great to hold things to shelves here in earthquake country, too, as well as light stuff on walls, etc.

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    6 years ago

    I hope it works better :)