Quick Access Glasses

Introduction: Quick Access Glasses

Short instructable. I must confess to being over 40 years old (by a little bit) who pretty must instantly transformed into someone who occasionally uses reading glasses, especially reading those really fine print instructions from China. Damn those are small. Anyway, while placing wires and components here and there I tend to lose them in the mess for short whiles since I do not use them all the time. So I wanted a quick way to access them and put them back in place. Using a holder was not helpful since I would just misplace it as well. (I sometimes make a larger mess than other time while working). So, I made a magnetic location out of the way of the projects to put them.

Step 1: Location, Location, Location

I first identified a location which I could easily access from anywhere at my upstairs work station. I glued a piece of velcro to a small space on the shelf.

Step 2: Magnets

I took the opposite velcro side and glued a small strip of magnet roll material. I glued two small neodymium magnets to the strip. Not sure why I didn't just glue to magnets to the shelf, but this has still worked.

Step 3: Finish

Connect the velcro and you have a quick access place to literally stick your glasses. They affix very easily and are just as easy to remove. I have found it works much better (at least for me) than a case or pouch. That, and I just love magnets. I think they are cool.

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    Question 1 year ago

    Hi thanks for the instructable. I like the watch in the background. What type is it?


    7 years ago

    This is one of those simple fixes like the first man to eat Cheetos with chopsticks because he didn't want orange crap on his fingers. A great idea that now seems painfully obvious!