Introduction: Quick Cane for When You Are in Need

when in a survival situation or hunting and you need a support knowing how to make a quick survival cane will help you.

-electrical tape (optional)

Sorry for the lack of during pictures but I didn't even think about making an instructable for it until after it was done. I made this with everything I had on me and a stick I found.

Step 1: Have a Leg Injury (not Saying to Give Yourself One)

I screwed up my ankle and every step hurts like hell so I needed something so I wasn't putting all my weight on that ankle when I walk and I made the cane in the woods

Step 2: Find a Sturdy Stick

find a stick with no rot in it make sure its solid and sturdy by hitting it against a tree a few times ( Man vs Wild is awesome)

Step 3: Take Bark Off (optional)

take a knife and take the bark off. I didn't take all of it off because I like the way it looks.(it looks rugged )

Step 4: Noise Dampener / Stick Preserver

without this your stick will sound a bit loud against the floor and can also wear down the end of the stick so take electrical tape and wrap it around the end I went past the end of the stick to make a cushion of sorts then cleaned it up

Step 5: Wrap the Top

wrap the top so your hand will have a comfortable grip

Step 6: You're Finished

now that you're finished you have a quick and useful cane