Introduction: Quick Cheap and Easy BBQ Pork Chops!!!

These are some quick cheap and easy to make BBQ pork chops. Being on a college student budget, My girlfriend and like to try to eat well for a good price. If we buy Pork Chops in bulk at the local grocery store they are about 12 chops for 10 dollars, just under a dollar per chop. Add in the couple of things you need to make these and its about 1 dollar a person for a decent meal. Not only that but it only takes about 10 - 15 minutes to make.

Step 1: ​Ingredients

2 pork Chops

BBQ Sauces (I use craft or whatever is o sale)

Garlic salt



Grease spray

Step 2: Marinade Your Chops!

When we get home from the store we freeze two chops at a time in zip top bags and about an hour before dinner time we just pull one out of the freezer. After you thaw them the bag is a great place to make your marinade. Mix in the bag about two tablespoons of BBQ sauce a pinch of salt, pinch of pepper and a pinch of garlic salt. Then mix the bag up to mix the seasoning into the sauce. The put in your chops and zip up the bag. After you ave zipped the bag gently massage the chop and the pound it lightly with your fist. (This will keep it juicy and tender.)

Step 3: Heat Up Your Pan

Put a pan, (I use a grill Pan) on medium high heat, and spray it with some non stick spray.

Step 4: Grill It Up

Put The chops on the pan. Let them sit on the first side for about 1 minute. Then flip the chop and put the marinaded that is left in the bag on the chops. turn down the heat to medium and after a few minutes flip them. Keeping flipping them every few minutes until they are cooked all the way through.

Step 5: Enjoy

Its time to eat!

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