Introduction: Quick Christmas Gift Wrapping With Tulle Bow

This is an instruction set on how to wrap a gift and how to make a bow using ribbon and tulle. It should only take about 10 minutes to complete; we hope that our instruction set is descriptive, simple, and helpful to you!

Step 1: Materials

The materials needed include:


•Wrapping paper



•Tulle Ribbon

•Thin Ribbon

Step 2: Measure Box

• Use the box to measure how much paper is needed to adequately cover the box and cut paper accordingly leaving extra room for error.

*Caution: Scissors are sharp.

Step 3: Center Box

• Place the box in the center of the paper, upside down. (The bottom of the box should be facing up.)

Step 4: Pull Paper

• Pull one end of the wrapping paper to the center of the box.

Step 5: Secure Paper

• To secure paper, tape the paper to the box. Make sure to pull the paper tightly.

*Tape vertically. (Like in picture.)

Step 6: Pull Other End of Paper

• Pull the other end of the paper over the top of box, covering the pre-taped piece.

Step 7: Secure Paper

• To secure paper, tape the paper to the box. Make sure to pull the paper tightly to ensure a cleanly wrapped gift box.

Step 8: Cut Excess Paper

• If there is too much paper on the sides of the box, pinch a long the side of the box, about an inch away, and stop in the middle to measure where to cut the excess paper.

Step 9: Begin Sides

• Pull the paper, extending over the vertical side of the box, in towards the middle of the box. Pull tightly to make clean edges. Secure with tape.

Step 10: Make Right Triangles

• Fold corners to make right triangles. (Repeat steps 9 and 10 along all sides of the box.)

Step 11: Make Trapezoids on Top

• Fold the top trapezoid piece down, tightly, and secure with tape.

Step 12: Make Trapezoids on Bottom

• Pull the bottom trapezoid piece up, tightly, and secure with tape. (Repeat steps 11 and 12 for other side of box.)

Step 13: Wrapping Completed

• Now the box should be wrapped.

Step 14: Begin Ribbon and Tulle Bow

• Gather tulle ribbon and thin ribbon that you want to use for your bow.

Step 15: Grab Ribbon

• Grab all ribbons, tulle and thin ribbon, with one hand.

*It is easier if the ribbon is all in one place.

Step 16: Begin Ribbon/Tulle Measurement

• Take other hand and run along the ribbon to make sure all ribbons are the same length.

Step 17: Measure Ribbon/Tulle

• Pull the ribbons approximately 1 wingspan.

Step 18: Cut Ribbon

• Cut the ribbon all together to ensure they are all the same length.

Step 19: Place Box

• Place box in the middle of the ribbon.

Step 20: Make the Bow

• Tie ribbon in a bow, just like you would a shoelace, on top of the box in the center.

*The smaller the loops, the better, and try to make them even. The loops should not exceed the length of the box.

Step 21: Cut Excess Ribbon/Tulle

• Once you have a bow on top of the box, cut the excess tulle and ribbon that exceeds the length of the box.

Step 22: Pull Ribbon/Tulle a Part

• Pull the tulle and ribbon a part to make the bow more full.

Step 23: Final Product

You now have your gift wrapped with a tulle and ribbon bow!