Quick Christmas Gift Wrapping With Tulle Bow




Introduction: Quick Christmas Gift Wrapping With Tulle Bow

This is an instruction set on how to wrap a gift and how to make a bow using ribbon and tulle. It should only take about 10 minutes to complete; we hope that our instruction set is descriptive, simple, and helpful to you!

Step 1: Materials

The materials needed include:


•Wrapping paper



•Tulle Ribbon

•Thin Ribbon

Step 2: Measure Box

• Use the box to measure how much paper is needed to adequately cover the box and cut paper accordingly leaving extra room for error.

*Caution: Scissors are sharp.

Step 3: Center Box

• Place the box in the center of the paper, upside down. (The bottom of the box should be facing up.)

Step 4: Pull Paper

• Pull one end of the wrapping paper to the center of the box.

Step 5: Secure Paper

• To secure paper, tape the paper to the box. Make sure to pull the paper tightly.

*Tape vertically. (Like in picture.)

Step 6: Pull Other End of Paper

• Pull the other end of the paper over the top of box, covering the pre-taped piece.

Step 7: Secure Paper

• To secure paper, tape the paper to the box. Make sure to pull the paper tightly to ensure a cleanly wrapped gift box.

Step 8: Cut Excess Paper

• If there is too much paper on the sides of the box, pinch a long the side of the box, about an inch away, and stop in the middle to measure where to cut the excess paper.

Step 9: Begin Sides

• Pull the paper, extending over the vertical side of the box, in towards the middle of the box. Pull tightly to make clean edges. Secure with tape.

Step 10: Make Right Triangles

• Fold corners to make right triangles. (Repeat steps 9 and 10 along all sides of the box.)

Step 11: Make Trapezoids on Top

• Fold the top trapezoid piece down, tightly, and secure with tape.

Step 12: Make Trapezoids on Bottom

• Pull the bottom trapezoid piece up, tightly, and secure with tape. (Repeat steps 11 and 12 for other side of box.)

Step 13: Wrapping Completed

• Now the box should be wrapped.

Step 14: Begin Ribbon and Tulle Bow

• Gather tulle ribbon and thin ribbon that you want to use for your bow.

Step 15: Grab Ribbon

• Grab all ribbons, tulle and thin ribbon, with one hand.

*It is easier if the ribbon is all in one place.

Step 16: Begin Ribbon/Tulle Measurement

• Take other hand and run along the ribbon to make sure all ribbons are the same length.

Step 17: Measure Ribbon/Tulle

• Pull the ribbons approximately 1 wingspan.

Step 18: Cut Ribbon

• Cut the ribbon all together to ensure they are all the same length.

Step 19: Place Box

• Place box in the middle of the ribbon.

Step 20: Make the Bow

• Tie ribbon in a bow, just like you would a shoelace, on top of the box in the center.

*The smaller the loops, the better, and try to make them even. The loops should not exceed the length of the box.

Step 21: Cut Excess Ribbon/Tulle

• Once you have a bow on top of the box, cut the excess tulle and ribbon that exceeds the length of the box.

Step 22: Pull Ribbon/Tulle a Part

• Pull the tulle and ribbon a part to make the bow more full.

Step 23: Final Product

You now have your gift wrapped with a tulle and ribbon bow!

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    7 years ago

    Cant' understand why there is so much waste---two ends of paper when you can place box at one end of paper, and, two ends of bow when you can pull then cut one end. Both steps of this demo wasted SO much!