Quick & Easy Hanging Pegboard Pot & Pan Rack




Introduction: Quick & Easy Hanging Pegboard Pot & Pan Rack

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I, like everyone else, was looking for a good storage solution in the kitchen. So I turned by eyes to Julia Child and decided to go with a pegboard wall that I could hang on an unused door in my apartment. After a super quick trip to the hardware store i had everything I needed.

Step 1: Materials!!!!

Ok, so we can go for any size we want, but I wanted something that fit on my door and wouldn't require too much hassle. It just so turns out that a 2ftx4ft precut pegboard works perfect.

- 1x (2'x4') pegboard sheet
- 2x (1"x2") pine furring
- ~20 short screw
- 2x eye-bolts
- 2x door hooks
- 1x Pack of pegboard hooks
- 1x Cherry Red Spray Paint (I have a strong Red theme in my kitchen)

Step 2: Cut the Boards

So in order to support the thin board we're gonna put a strip of wood arorund the edges and one to brace the middle.

Cut List:
- 2x 24"
- 2x 45"
- 1x 21"

Step 3: Screw in the Supports

Now, just line up the wood strips and screw 'em in!

Note: (I didn't take any pictures of the sanding, but i did smooth the edges)

I found it best to start with the top board (or bottom, which ever spans the entire width) and work my way around. If you measured twice before you cut everything should line up well.

Step 4: Spray It Down!

Now you're ready to paint it!

Make sure it's in a well ventilated space and get a good smooth coat. Then do it again... and again...

I only did 3, (and after a few years it's held up nicely)

Step 5: Ta-da!!!

All finished!

Screw the eye-bolts in the top and move the pegboard hooks around to figure the best configuration of pots.

Toss some hooks onto the door and hang the pegboard up and you are ready to rock.

edit: i have since moved and no longer have a random door in my kitchen, so i found some studs and mounted it straight to the wall.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Terrific Space saver!! I have been saving a piece of peg-board for pots, spoons, etc. But... What's holding the lids up?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    On my pot set the handles of the pots can be threaded through the handles of the lids... It works well for me, hope you can find a solution for your own pots!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    If the lids are flat and not domed, they might fit in a wall mounted file folder from an office supply. I had a few high domed lids I put on the wall with plate hangers (the kind with little hooks mounted on springs). Or try the Granny Sack. Sew two pieces of flour sacking (or old towels, burlap) into a pouch large enough to hold pots and lids and hang from shaker pegs or wall hooks. This works well enough when a peg board won't fit available wall space. The pouch also keeps dust off when not in use. You can also keep your utensils on the pegboard, either individually, or in a utensil caddy mounted to the pegboard. It's amazing how versatile pegboard is. If you need more strength than use the metal pegboards.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! Gotta create as much storage space as possible.