Introduction: Quick Flip Flops: No Shoes, No Sweat

My granddaughter arrived for an outing but forgot her shoes. We were going out where at least flip flops were needed. So we made these on the spot!

Now she wants to go into business making and selling flip flops at the local market.

Flip flops have a number of common design elements. They have a soles that protect the bottom of the feet and straps that pass between the toes to hold the sole on. We needed to make our own flop flops keeping these principles in mind and using the materials we had on hand.

Step 1: Materials


  • Thick foam (we used the foam from floor mats),
  • two washers,
  • Strap material (We used electrician's tape, but you could use duct tape or even ribbon)


  • Hole punch and hammer
  • Sharp scissors or utility knife

Step 2: Getting the Right Shape

Trace both feet on the foam pad. Then cut out the two shapes leaving about 1/4 inch outside the traced shape.

Step 3: Position and Punching the Holes

The location of the holes that you punch through the foam is important as it dictates the location of the straps that hold the sole on the foot.

We marked the hole location by placing her foot back on the sole and then sliding the hole punch between her toes. This marks the toe hole location. We marked the instep location on either sides of their feet.

We then put the two soles together, face to face and punched the three sets of holes through both pieces of foam.

Step 4: Making the Strap

We doubled over a wide electrician tape so that no adhesive was exposed.

Double up the tape by folding it in half lengthwise. The double end is then passed through the toe hole and through the washer. The tape is then looped over the washer to lock it into place. Pull the strap tightly.

Step 5: Straps to Fit the Foot

Separate the straps that come through the toe hole into the two strands. Pass each through one of the instep holes.

We put her foot back into the flip flop and pulled the straps snug. We then tied the straps together over the instep. Another strap method is passing the straps above the heel then tie them over the instep (see the picture in step 4).

The simplicity and low cost associated with making these flip flops means that they could be made to order by a young girl. Her business idea is a viable one!

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