Quick Soda Can Cookie Cutters




Introduction: Quick Soda Can Cookie Cutters

Make your very own cookie cutters in 30 minutes or less from soda cans!

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:

-A pair of scissors

-A knife

-A sharpie

-2 soda cans with top and bottom

-A pair of pliers

-A ruler

-A piece of cardboard (Optional to hold down the metal scraps, you can just use a hard surface I.e. table)

Step 2: Lay Can Sides Flat Down on a Hard Surface and Draw a Line in the Middle With Sharpie

One you cut the can down the middle, lie the metal scrap flat down on a hard surface, and using a ruler, draw a line in the middle with sharpie.

Step 3: Using Pliers, Bend the Rugged Edges

With the pliers, bend the ragged edges of the metal scrap so that the ends of the soda can are smooth and safe to grasp. You may also bend the edges with your hand and then use pliers to smooth it out and to keep the rugged metal scrap strays in place.

Step 4: After Smoothing Out the Rough Edges, Cut Through the Center of the Metal Scrap

After smoothing out the rough edges of the scrap, cut down the drawn line to get 2 pieces of the metal scrap.

Step 5: Using Hands or Pliers, Shape the Metal Scrap

You can shape your metal scrap into anything you want to!

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    That's a fun upcycle! Old soda cans into a way to make cute adorable cookies. If you make some cookies I'd love to see an instructable on how you used them!