Introduction: Quick Way to an Ice Cream Cake

Hey guys ! My instructable is based on creating a delicious ice cream cake. Very self-explanatory, anyways follow these directions for an amazing cake :)  

Step 1:

-Cake Mix (Your Choice)
-Ice Cream (Your Choice
-Ice Cream Toppings (Your Choice)
-Eggs (Cake Mix)
-Type of Oil (Cake Mix)
-Spring Form

Step 2:

Make sure to follow directions on the cake mix and add to the pan you have chosen.A result may happen that you'll have enough for two cakes ! Once made let them cool for a bit. While waiting for the cake to cool place half of the ice cream of your choice in a bowl to soft for a few minutes.

Step 3:

Place your toppings in a type of plastic bag. If they are already crushed then you do not need to crush them if you want,but if they aren't  
crush please do crush them. Check on the ice cream and stir until it looks spreadable. Grab the "spring form", take cake out of the pan, and put "spring form" around the cake.

Step 4:

Grab the bowl of ice cream and gently spread it on top of the cake. Kind of like frosting ! Add the toppings you have chosen on top of the ice cream. Put cake in the fridge for about an hour or two. Make sure to put something on the bottom of the "spring form" just in case it melts and doesn't make your freezer all messy !

Step 5:

Once toppings have been added take out the rest of the ice cream, let it soften for a bit. Once soften spread it around the cake. Add remainder of the toppings on top of the ice cream. Don't get messy. Place cake back in the freezer for an hour. Voila ! An ice cream cake.