Introduction: Powerful Multipurpose LED Flashlight. 12v 350lm

here a simple and powerful flashlight

i m not the first of having this idea but i really like the idea of a cheap and powerful flashlight you can build yourself without soldering.

12 volt,350 lumens for this one,less than 10$.

Step 1: Stuff Youll Need

here the stuff youll need to make the flashlight.

  • a lamp on/off button
  • a g4 /gu 5.3/mr16 socket
  • a 3 cell 18650 in series holder.
  • 3 3.7v 18650 batteries
  • a 12v gu 5.3/mr16 led bulb of your choice

  • some double sided tape or velcro tape.

  • then just hook everything together.

Step 2: Optional

Stuff a Cheap Flashlight.

if you want you can use one of those cheap and huge 10lm flash light and stuff the internal with those part.

it will give you water proofing and cleaner look.

the light bulb will be easier to change than other led flash light in case of need.

note: you can convert your flashlight quickly to uv or full spectrum with a new led bulb.

have fun and enjoy.

happy holidays 2017!

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