Introduction: Quick and Easy Cardboard Desk Organizer

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This Instructable will show you how to make and customize your own cardboard desk organizer/workspace!

My additions to the basic design are entirely my own, and feel free to paint, color, and otherwise customize the design.

Step 1: Materials

The materials you will need are as follows

  • scissors
  • ruler(s)
  • tape (clear Scotch brand works best for me)
  • cardboard (I used pizza boxes for my cardboard but feel free to use any corrugated cardboard you can find)
  • small sharp utensil for scoring the cardboard (i used an old, stripped fine tip screwdriver to score the cardboard)
  • Glue (optional. You can use just tape like I did.)

Step 2: Preparing Cardboard and Base

Cut your cardboard into sheets that are easier to work with. Using small, sharp scissors prevents the cardboard curling and bending while you cut. Then select (or cut) a sheet of cardboard for your base. It should be small enough to leave room on your desk or table, but big enough to be usable. Once you have selected your base, flip it over and, using a ruler, measure an inch from the edge and score the cardboard all the way across, as shown in the picture. Also, if you don't know, scoring means to make a cut into the cardboard, but not all the way through, just far enough to allow for it to bend easily. Look at the above photo for reference. I used a small screwdriver to score.

Step 3: Attaching Backboard

The backboard should be another sheet of cardboard, preferably just as wide as your base. As shown in the picture, you need to place it in front of the scored flap, taping it in place. I cut a small hole in my backboard to allow for my phone charger to come through.

Step 4: Attaching Supports

To hold the organizer in shape you will need to attach your supports on either side, i used strips of cardboard, and they seemed to work well although they were slightly flimsy. I suggest that you use a solid side support, and attach it the same way I did, by scoring and bending over a flap behind the backboard and base. This is shown in the above picture.

Step 5: Add-Ons/ Customizations

This step is entirely optional and open for modifications, For my add- ons, i made a phone stand and a pencil/utensil holder, as shown in the picture above. I look forward to seeing all your ideas and interpretations on this step!

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