Introduction: Quick and Easy Duck Tape Ball

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This instructable teaches you how to make a quick ball you can make with just some duck tape. This ball is fun, easy to make and great for messing around with (as demonstrated by my bro in the video above). My brother is actually the reason why I made this creation an instructable. What happened was I was messing around with some duck tape in an attempt to get a rough idea for how I could make a duck tape mask. So I created this simple ball and my brother grabbed it and started playing with it. He then told me it was pretty cool so I said why not and put it on instructables. So here we are and now that you've heard the back story lets get to creating!

What you will need:


1. Duck tape. the bigger your ball the more you will need


1. (Optional) Scissors

Step 1: Make It

The first thing to do is stick 2 pieces of duck tape together so they aren't sticky anymore. Do this twice so you have two pieces of non-sticky duck tape that are the same length. Next cut both of the strips in half the long way and then cut those half's in half again to make eight equally long and wide strips of non-sticky duct tape. Now tear a square of duck tape and and put it on a table sticky side up. Stick the ends of four of the strips to the square, 2 on adjacent sides and 2 in adjacent corners. Now attach the other end of each of those strips to the side or corner opposite them. You should have a little ball that looks like picture five. Make another square of duct tape the same size as the first and place it inside the ball on top of the first square of duct tape. This sandwiches the strips between two squares and makes sure they stay in place. Now we need to make another ball to go over the first one but this one we are going to make it a little differently. Get a square of duck tape place it on the table like you did before. This time you need to put the middle point of each strip on the middle of the square so that half of the strip is on one side and half is on the other. Place the first one so it covers two of the corners and the second so it covers the remaining two corners. Then do the same thing with the remaining two strips but instead of covering corners they cover sides. I know this could be a bit confusing so if you're having trouble visualizing it just follow the pictures. Now place another square on top the the strips so they are sandwiched between two squares. Put the ball you made earlier on top of what you just made alining it so that when the strips come up they will fill the gaps of the other ball. Lastly tear another 2 squares of duct tape and secure the loose ends so they form a ball. Just like that your done! This ball is a good hacky sack, indoor frisby and over all ball so get inventive and have fun. Thanks for reading this instructable and comment below.

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