Quick and Dirty Plus Cheap Shelf

Introduction: Quick and Dirty Plus Cheap Shelf

So I needed a shelf to keep some garden chemicals, had some spare wood cut-offs, and an empty wall between my garage doors which is also close to the garden. I wanted to keep the shelf open so I can easily keep stock of the contents and narrow to prevent it from becoming cluttered by not allow anything to be placed in double rows.

Tape measure in hand some cut-off pine was selected and dragged out to my table saw. After ensuring all edges were trimmed and ends cut to 90 degrees it was time to cut the pieces required.

The top, bottom, and sides were cut from 220mm wide pine boards while the two shelves were pine ceiling planks trimmed to match the depth of the shelf. I cut grooves in the rear of the top, bottom and side planks to be able to fit a backing board (Some left over 4mm sheet). Also cut the shelving grooves and assembled this lot using 35mm MDF screws and a bit of wood glue.

Next a coat of primer followed by a single white coat of non-drip enamel for the finishing touch.

Total time spend on the project was about 2 hours. Would say about 60 minutes cutting, measuring and assembly. Another 20-25 minutes per coat of paint and probably 10 minutes fitting it to the wall.

Lessons learned:

  • I do not like painting.
  • It is a shelf to fit in the garage. For garden chemicals. Do not paint it. Unless you like painting.
  • Ensure the grooves for the backing board is just wide enough to provide a tight fit. Mine is too loose.
  • Other than that is is perfect for what I needed.

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