Quieting Obnoxious Electronic Toys




Introduction: Quieting Obnoxious Electronic Toys

In this video I show how I reduce the noise from electronic toys that my 4 year old roommates receive as gifts. First pass is to just try to get the toys sent to Grandma's or any other house. When that won't fly, I resort to this.

To make the fix all it takes is some small screwdrivers, and some felt from a craft store.

Not only does this trick make the toys quieter but it acts as a lowpass filter taking some of the shrill tinny sound out of the toys. Now they can play with it in their room and still hear it, but the rest of the house wont.

If the intro seemed odd to you, you owe it to yourself to lookup "Kitten Mittens" and watch the infomercial.

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    4 years ago

    my father specialised in silencing squeaky rubber toys. if it pulled out with a pair of needle nose pliers it was clearly a choke hazard, if it didn't he had to smooth the rough edges off he had made trying which meant running a 1/4" drill bit through the squeaker