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Introduction: Quilled Card - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Hello Everyone,

This is a baby themed card I made incorporating quilling into it :)

Step 1: Base for the Baby Carriage

I took a light blue patterned paper and cut out a circle. Cut and discard a part of the circle to give the base shape of a baby carriage. Then I took a light blue quilling strip and stuck it to the edges of the carriage, making an outline, carefully in shape.

Step 2: Beehive!

Using the beehive technique of quilling, made as many coils as you require to fill in. Now the reason to choose a light blue patterned paper as base is to not show up white empty space when you fill it with the quilled strips.

Step 3: Fill It Completely With Beehive

This is how it looks after filling the entire carriage.

Step 4: Add Wheels

I then quilled 2 circle shaped loose coils and stuck to the bottom. These form the wheels of the carriage.

Step 5: Embellish With Pearls

To add more interest to the carriage, I've added pearl stickers around the borders.

Step 6: Making the Panel

The next step is to take an embossed light blue cardstock, distress it along the borders with Salty Ocean distress ink and adhered the baby carriage to it.

Step 7: Stars to the Carriage

I've then added 3 very thin strips as the wands for the stars. The stars are punched out and layered using foam tape to give some dimension. I also bordered the stars using glitter pen.

Step 8: Mount the Panel and Finish!

I then stamped the sentiment onto a different sheet of patterned paper, distressed the borders again and added to the panel using foam tape. Finally mounted the panel on to the base white cs and the card is ready :)

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