Chevron Ombré Quilt

Introduction: Chevron Ombré Quilt

Chevron ombre quilt using blues!

Step 1: Choose Fabric

choose fabrics you like! As many or as few

Step 2: Cut Squares

cut squares, I did 6" but you can do larger or smaller depending on how big you want your quilt

Step 3: Pattern Layout

decide how you want your chevrons. Then lay squares together,fabric print together. For example in my quilt I wanted mine to be dark blue to light blue to white to gray to black. Therefore I put the dark blue squares together with the light blue, the white with the gray and so forth

Step 4: Sew

sew the squares together on all 4 sides using a 1/4" seam

Step 5: Cut

cut the squares on the diagonal, unfold, then spray with starch and iron them flat

Step 6: Layout and Sew Again

layout in a chevron pattern and sew together again until the whole quilt is done

Step 7: Add Back and Bind

choose a backing, then bind together!

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