Quiz Cabinet Frame

Introduction: Quiz Cabinet Frame

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This Instructable shows the construction of the team cabinets for the Quiz project described here.

The basic frame for the team score boxes (Box A and Box B) is made up of 9mm MDF.

The sizes are:

  • 3 off - 460mm x 100mm x 9mm - the top, centre and bottom
  • 2 off - 325mm x 100mm x 9mm - the sides

There are also four corner braces to stop the rectangle turning into a parallelogram.

And a carrying handle on top

The cabinet parts should be glued together using a good quality wood glue.

Step 1: Cutting Diagram

This is a cutting diagram for a standard 600mm x 900mm sheet of 9mm MDF and will make two cabinets.

The 100mm dimension is not critical, the actual minimum is 90mm (needed by the DB25 breakout boxes), so the 2mm (varies) lost to the cutting blade won't be a problem. Just make sure that all of the pieces are the same width.

We think this is the best way to cut the sheet, if you can think of a better way please post a comment.

There are many (in the UK) suppliers of MDF. Try clicking here.

Step 2: Aluminium Angle Added

These are the 25mm aluminium angle brackets added to support the LED displays and breakout boxes

The sizes are:

  • 2 off - 460mm x 25mm x 25mm - supports the 7 segment displays

Step 3:

This shows the giant 7 segment displays in place. The aluminium angle needs to be drilled to suit the mounting holes on the displays.

There is more information on the 7 segment displays here.

Step 4:

This shows the A3 paper path that can be used to display the team names.

You can download a Word template for the team name sheet here

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    4 years ago

    Looks like an interesting design! Have you had a chance to make one that we can see?