Introduction: R15 V2 Iphone Charger

About: Trash convertor!!!!!scrap unused will make it usefull

A very usefull experiment....n dnt worry its fully working well as i dnt publish untill i get satisfying result....ive been using diz from 5 months no prob itz still working well and charges welll my iphone 5s...tym to begin

Parts needed

Car charger[plz be sure abt ur charger quality and brand,as itz the base root of all]

The basic circuit diag show uh how too work and how to begin the job leme tell step vice

1.find ur battry pack on ur bike mostly itz under the seat
2.after getting the battry wth the help of two wires took negative and positve terminal
3.join positive terminal like shown in diag ,you can install key for on off use too if u needed and nw ur bike charger is ready to charge ur iphone ipod ipad etc

Trobleshoot: last problem i had was,it was nt working and finally i got the car charger which i purchased was a crap and i changed and it started working...

If any problems come checkout wire terminals properly and charger without that itz nthng itz very easy and no problem in battry drain etc if any prob +919840319040 whats app me