Introduction: Making a Budget Sea Plane RC Mermaid

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A stylish beautiful sea plane made out of depron is a great flying plane that can be hand launched or can be take off from grassy ground and more over from water surface more easily. Very easy to build and will be a lot of fun to fly.

Step 1: Things You Need

1. 5mm or 6mm Depron foam sheets of 30"x20" dimension of x4sheets.

2. Cutting knife, blade, razor blade, scissors.

3. Electronics:

Motor: 2212-06 (2200kv)

ESC: 30A+

Li- po battery: 3S 2200mah

Servos: Hitec HS-55 or Towerpro 9g servos x4 Servos.

Servo extensions: 2 x 12”

Servo Y harness connector x1.

Prop: APC 6x4E

Controller: 6ch Radio Transmitter with receiver.

Push Rods: 6inch music wiresx2 , 4inch music wiresx2 with 'z' bend on one end and linkage stopper will be on another end.

4. Plywood motor mounts or firewallx1.

5. Adhesives:

Hot glue, epoxy resin or depron foam safe glue.

6. OHP marker.

7. Metallic Ruler.

8. Clear packaging Tape.

9. 3mm or 4mm carbon rod or tube or balsa stick of same thickness.

10. A computer with A4 sheet printer (b/w).

Step 2: Print Necessary Templates

Below I have attached necessary PDF documents.

Print "Mermaid_parts_A0_tiled_A4.pdf" file completely in a black and white print.

Open "Mermaid Mermaid_parts_A0.pdf " and see how to arrange the A4 printed papers and arrange everything nice and clean and align each and every line with other and glue them together and make a A1 sheet by gluing all printed papers.

Once you've finished aligning and gluing papers together, cut out each part from that sheet and glue that paper parts onto depron foam sheet. Then start cutting out the depron parts and some parts may be required more in number for example wing or fuselage sides. For that use the cut out template to trace on new depron sheet and then cut out. Once you have all parts move to next step.

(Make sure you refer to the "mermaid_build_v2.pdf" File while you build this plane.)

Step 3: Assembling the Plane With Cutout Depron

Again (Make sure you refer to the "mermaid_build_v2.pdf" File while you build this plane.)

Start gluing the things together using epoxy or bead of hot glue. Hot glue might melt your foam if you don't use it properly. So I suggest to use Fast epoxy or foam glue.

Follow the steps to glue the parts together from the above mentioned file.

Once you came to wing part make sure to laminate the whole wing using clear packaging tape and use carbon rod to make it self strong.

Take care while you assemble the tail and elevator parts. It must be strong and stiff and make sure its 90degree perpendicular.

Once the assembly finished glue the motor mount block to the firewall and glue the block on to the fuselage firmly.

Use waterproofing glue or foam glue, epoxy to seal all the gaps and edges of joints. Use vaslin or petroleum jelly to waterproof motor and servo arms joints. Install servo control horns and push rods in place.

Step 4: Installing Electronics

Screw the motor onto the motor mount firewall and connect ESC through fuselage bay. Connect servo extensions wherever required to make servo wires reach front part of fuselage through wing center hole. Connect servo Y harness for aileron servos and connect that wire to aileron channel on receiver. Connect rudder and elevator servos to rudder and elevator channels. Connect ESC wire to Throttle or channel 3. Use Velcro to mount battery and use tape to cover the hatch. Install the propeller in reverse the markings or the writings on prop must face towards the fuselage nose to get maximum thrust.(important)

Take out your plane and test it on water surfaces like lake or ponds with open surroundings. Don't try it with ocean or sea.

I will try to attach the maiden flight video and build video ASAP.

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