Introduction: RGB Led Controlled by Bluetooth or Potentiometer


Today I wanted to share my Arduino project with you. I've made RGB led controlled by Arduino. It has 3 modes and 2 interfaces. First mode is manual controll, second cool rainbow and third color lock. At first you calibrate potentiometer. Then you can make whatever you want, and have fun.

Let's build it!


  • 1 HC-06 Bluetooth module
  • 1 I2C LCD adapter
  • 1 RGB LED (common catode, to use common anode you have to modify sketch (line 42))
  • 3 Green LED's
  • 1 Arduino Leonardo
  • 1 Logic Level Converter
  • 4 220 Ohm Resistors
  • 5 buttons
  • 1 LCD 16x2
  • 1 PCF8574
  • 1 contact plate
  • 1 potentiometer

Step 1: Build Circuit

First you need to build a circuit. You can use the picture attached, or take a closer look in Fritzing app.

Step 2: Download and Setup RoboRemoFree

Download RoboRemoFree. Then download this file containing interface to import. Then follow instructions above, to import interface. If you want to improve the interface you will need full app version (free have limit for element count):

Step 3: Load Code to Arduino

Download code from here, and upload it to Arduino using Arduino IDE. You will need those libraries.

Step 4: Connect RoboRemo to HC-06

In order to do this follow steps above. Before make sure to pair HC-06 with your phone. Default code is 1234 or 0000.

Step 5: Have Fun

Enjoy cool colors and rainbow mode!

Thanks for reading!

See you next time!

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