Introduction: RLBA

The RLBA stands for the Ripstik Local Basketball Association. It is not RNBA because the sport is not national yet. In this instructable I will teach you how to play in the RLBA and remember to tell your friends too! Also to play the game you will need some basketball skills and the knowledge on how to ride a Ripstik. For this you will need a Ripstik, basketball, and basketball hoop if want to shoot.

Step 1: What Is the RLBA?

The RLBA stands for the Ripstik Local Basketball Association. The game is not national (yet) and I only play this game with some of my friends. The object of the game is just like basketball, shoot to make points, there are three pointers and two pointers, and to beat your opponent(s) before time runs out or just play up to a specific score.   

Step 2: How to Play Ripstik Basketball

The rules of the game are simple. You must have a basketball, a basketball hoop, and a ripstik and the ability to ride it like I said earlier. You must be Ripstiking the entire time and dribbling the ball at the same time. You are allowed to steal the ball and the same fouls in basketball apply to Ripstik Basketball, no pushing, charging, smacking, hitting, etc. If you fall off of your Ripstik you must also stop dribbling the ball and let it go and you can quickly get back on and try to grab it back or the other person can take it. Like in Basketball, you can't hold the ball and move so you can't hold the ball and Ripstik, but, also in basketball you can take two steps, so in Ripstik basketball you are allowed to hold the ball for two seconds then either shoot or pass. So far the game seems like you can only take lay-ups, but you can also take jumpers. If you are too far from the hoop and can't make a lay-up you can try to jump off of your Ripstik and shoot. If you hit the ground before you shoot it is an up-and-down fowl. If one of the players hits the other with their Ripstik, it is considered a charging (or shooting fowl, you can decide) and the person who got fowled gets the ball. Games can as long as you want them too be or you can pick a specific number to reach to win, it doesn't matter.

Step 3: Conclusion

That is the end of my instructable on what is and how to play Ripstik Basketball. This game does sound a little stupid (and i'm the creator of it!) and I understand if you don't like it, but could you please not put any hate comments and I would very much appreciate that. This is just a game for people who like Basketball and Ripstiks or are just bored and want to play something new. If you have any questions or are confused on any part, just leave a comment and I will try to reply as soon as possible. Thank you and I hope you like the game!

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