The concept of this drawing was to create a leather jacket that is can be worn with an opened back, front or just one side. This would be my dream jacket because of it's versatility and the ability to wear using the Betabrand's hoodie template. For this particular design I used a photoshop software. Lots of layers and lots of cropping but if you understand the basics of using a photoshop software to make designs and textures then it should be rather simple.

1.Take the Betabrand hoodie template and duplicate it twice. After you make your duplicates you will need to crop the top half (front view) from the bottom half (back view). Using your second duplicate layer you will need to crop the bottom half (back view) from the top half (front view. This would make it easier to create different looks for both front and back (top and bottom of template).

2. Select the duplicate layers of the top half and bottom half (front view/back view) of the hoodie template and crop up just above the forearms on the template. This is where the sleeve of the jacket will stop. You're going to make button snaps as well and these would be use to connect the left side of the jacket to the right at the collar and the waist.

3. Create a new layer for the texturing of the garment. I choose a texture that I already had and added it to my design. With the help of the magic wand I could crop around the jacket template on the texture layer and I also placed pockets on the front of the jacket.

5. Lastly, you want to merge all the layers in order and delete layers that aren't needed in the finish product then save :)

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